Friday, May 30, 2008


The STARK POLITICAL REPORT (The Report) has been puzzled over the high Stark County retention rate phenomenon.

The Report has quizzed public school official after public school official only to be met with a confused look or what The Report thinks is a silly answer.

Silly answer? Yes. Some officials say that the reason for Stark's high rate is that the school systems have not had access to the test that area colleges administer in order to assess a inbound student's need for remediation.

Isn't this "teaching to the test?" The Report agrees, if a student knows how to "fool" the test, then the student will not need remediation. But the result is an exercise in fooling oneself. Surely, Stark County's educators are not into doing this?

A better explanation is one made by the Ohio Board of Regents (OBR). In essence, the OBR says that too many college bound Ohio graduating seniors have had an inadequate "core" curriculum.

Question: What should Stark County educators be doing to rectify this problem?

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